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About Bryan Baxter

Bryan Baxter grew up in the Winchester area and spent his teenage years and early adulthood following his ear wherever it led him. A self taught guitarist, he was eventually drawn to more soulful music without limiting himself to any one genre. Bluegrass, Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Rock; if his heart felt it, he played it. His open-minded musical spirit inevitably led him to unearthing a knack for writing songs of his own and adding them seamlessly into his every-day playing. His passion for music has put him on stage in such locations as South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, and even in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. His musical experience offers a collection of hand selected compositions that leave the listener feeling emotionally engaged and intrigued by both the lyrics and the often improvised instrumentals that accompany them. They range from the greats such as Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Hank Williams, Sr, and Norman Blake to lesser known traditional ballads, dug up from American history and brought before you in his own style. His carefully crafted original tunes compliment the style of his influences and offer power and substance while taking a place on the Americana stage in their own right.  Oftentimes, you find yourself chuckling to his lyrical quips, tapping your foot to the traditional flat-picking, or spontaneously joining in a chorus to a newly introduced song like an old familiar ballad. Whatever Bryan presents on stage you are guaranteed a unique journey through his collective songbook with surprises along the way that leave you feeling like you are part of the music.


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